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About Us

OLC International is a platform to network and learn from leading academics, policymakers and corporates and provides a best fit for practical implementation of prospective solutions that are discussed at our conferences. This unique composition and conference program provides the best value for the time and money invested by attendees, as addressing the needs of these three sectors ensures that there will be more opportunities for participants to make new collaborations and to open new doors for knowledge sharing. We focus on these factors right from the commencement.

Our years of experience, knowledge and expertise have helped us establish and maintain our winning reputation and led us to the forefront of global conference management. We draw inspiration and learning from transformative thinkers, like-minded innovators and leading thought leaders to push ourselves in managing these life-changing avenues. We design our conferences with an underlying objective of enhancing participant experience and always strive to ensure that all our conferences deliver best service and superior quality.

Our conferences are up-to-date with latest information and are evaluated by subject matter experts in all the fields compared to other conferences organized across the world today. Our resource team does not limit itself to just delivering speeches and guiding you through conference programs. In fact, it comprises of professionals with years of experience and has expertise in conducting career development programs, panel discussions, workshops, forums, evaluating presentations and mentoring at these meetings.

OLC International are best venues for knowledge sharing and to develop new collaborations because we strongly believe these factors are the right solutions for world issues today. Since our inception, we are setting standards in conference management industry and have already emerged to be among the best science conference organizers internationally. This is possible only because of our large academic and professional network that reaps benefits to many universities and organizations across the world.

Join our network of exceptional professionals today to give back something to communities worldwide!