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2nd International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials (ICSSDM-2021) is the leading International Conference organized by OLC International. The theme of the Congress this year, is "Discuss and Promote the Latest Significant Developments in Solid State Devices and Materials". The Congress focus is on providing an opportunity for academics, investigators and researchers to showcase their research results to the world. will be ICSSDM-2021 will be held in Budapest, Hungary on September 23-24, 2021.

Benefits for Exhibitors:

The Organizing Committee of ICSSDM envisages that over 200 participants and applicants would attend the event. 2nd International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials would help Exhibitors to reach their desired audiences and facilitate the promotion of their organizations’ brands in the Congress. ICSSDM Congress would also offer a platform for eminent scholars in the field of Cardiology and Healthcare to speak directly to colleagues and others in their areas of specialization. It will also afford science subject specialists and experts the opportunity to display their leading Science Education brands and resources. Our Exhibitors would gain value from associating with Cardiology and Healthcare practitioners who would form the bulk of delegates expected in the Congress events. Plus meeting young and promising researchers and established names in the field of Cardiology and Healthcare. You will certainly get an occasion to hear current and trending topics in Science and Technology. ICSSDM 2021 would further permit you to connect with research investigators, speakers and possible future business partners. As a ICSSDM 2021 Exhibitor, your logo will be displayed in the Congress program of proceedings that would be circulated to all participants. Your logo will also be on display on the Congress website, with an active link to your organization's Landing Page.

Exhibitor Booth ($2,000 and above)

You will receive increased exposure of your brand on the days of the event, by displaying your booth or pop-up display in a high traffic area. However, your booth location will be determined by your level of sponsorship. Noticeable recognition will be given your organization, with its name shown on the Congress website. Plus allocating your establishment's name a live link to your designated URL, which will be featured in the congress website. A Complimentary Exhibitor Table/Booth (0-2 complimentary registrations) will be provided for you, based on your level of sponsorship). As an Exhibitor, your organization's logo and profile will be listed in the Congress program of events that would be circulated to all attendees. Please get registered as an Exhibitor at "Register as an Exhibitor" to avail yourself of the “Exhibitors Benefits” at ICSSDM 2021.